T series Robot joint actuator LFRob

T series Robot joint actuator LFRob

18mm super large middle hole.

Quickly build a robot, which is simpler and faster. Saving labor and time in the selection, design, procurement, and assembly of hundreds of electronic components.

T series Robot joint actuator LFRob



Model NoLFRob70LFRob80LFRob90LFRob110LFRob142
Start-stop peak torque(Nm)18/2323/3028/3634/4443/5654/7056/7374/9682/10798/127137/178157/204167/217216/281304/395333/433353/459
Rated torque(Nm)5.4/77.8/107.8/1016/2122/2924/3125/3334/4440/5239/5163/8267/8767/8776/99118/153137/178137/178
Instantaneous allowable maximum torque(Nm)35/4647/6154/7070/9187/113110/14398/127127/165147/191186/242255/332284/369304/395382/497568/738647/841686/892
Output peak speed(RPM)6037.5306037.5306037.53040252016.740252016.7
Motor watt(W)1002004007501000
Rated current(A)3.36.9112026
Peak current(A)1116.8294056
Output encoder resolution19Bit
Repeat/absolute positioning accuracy±10/45 arcsecond
Communication busEtherCAT/CANopen
Outer diameter x length x through hole (mm)70x81x1880x95x1890x102x18110x127x18142x137x18
Weight (kg)0.981.
Interface designFully differential interface design, strong anti-interference ability, two sets of loose plugs, can be connected in series.
BrakeFriction damping brake
IP ratingIP54
Note: The two values of the torque parameter in this table with "/" are the corresponding values when equipped with medium rigidity/high rigidity joints.



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