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What is the future of pension robots?

23rd Oct ,2019

The aging population in Japan is one of the most serious countries in the world. In fact, the aging problem in China is also very serious. The population aged over 65 accounts for 17.3% of the total population in China. China's pension pressure is growing, so there is a demand for the application of robots in pension, there is a market, but how about the current pension robot technology? Can it perform nursing, communication and other functions well?

First of all, in Japan, there are mainly two types of endowment robots: physical assisted robots and social assisted robots. Resyone, a robot that can be transformed from a bed into a wheelchair, launched by Panasonic, Japan, human-computer interaction research center of riken-srk, and robot, a nursing robot, launched by Sumitomo technology in 2015. Social assisted robots are mainly responsible for interacting with the elderly and becoming companions around them, such as Paro, pepper, babyloid and Ludwig.

What is the future of pension robots?

At present, one of the four major families of industrial robots, Yaskawa mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is also using a lot of energy to develop nursing robots, and has developed a robot that can let patients exercise their hands, legs, etc. through continuous activities on the machine, it can make the weakened or lost movement function regain the movement ability.

Liaoning devo and Shenyang Xinsong jointly developed an intelligent elderly care service robot. At the beginning of this year, Xinsong also showed the family treasure robot for the elderly, including intelligent care, family interaction, telemedicine, home service and other functions. At the same time, it can monitor the health status of the elderly in real time, and build application solutions including user management, health detection, chronic disease management, life companion, family doctor assistant, emergency alarm and other services.

Chongqing grapefruit family science and Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with the robot body manufacturer Kang Liyou blue, and launched a special robot to accompany the elderly - "Grapefruit". The most prominent function is to carry out two-way video monitoring, which can monitor the status of the elderly and whether the nanny takes good care of them.

Therefore, the robot for the aged has a bright future, but at present, the technology is still lacking, so it can not completely replace the artificial nursing. With the development of robot technology, the popularity of pension robot is more and more extensive.