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English speaking robot teachers will appear in 500 schools in Japan next year

23rd Oct ,2019

It seems that Asian countries have a headache in learning English, especially the Japanese, whose English level is lower than that of China and South Korea. Japan's Ministry of education has launched a plan to use English robot teachers to help students improve their English.

In 2009, Japan launched the world's first robot teacher. Its name is saya. There are six expressions: happy, surprised, disgusted, scared, sad and angry. They can speak about 300 phrases and 700 words. They can respond to some words and questions. She can also learn to speak a variety of languages.

The robot teacher has been teaching in the fifth and sixth grade courses in Tokyo, Japan. In Singapore and London, many schools use Nao robots and pepper robots of Softbank, a Japanese giant, to help students learn.

Norway's no isolation company has deployed its AV1 robot in Scandinavian schools to help long-term sick children keep in touch with friends and keep up with classroom learning.

Why don't schools recruit native English teachers? Because the price is expensive. Japan thinks English speaking robots are cheaper and more convenient. Japan's Ministry of education will deploy English speaking robots in about 500 schools from April next year. It is also preparing to develop learning applications for students and launch an online dialogue course in collaboration with native English speakers. Wait and see!