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Laiful signed an agreement with Never robot for 30000 pcs harmonic gearbox

6th Jan ,2021

Helping the development of China's robot manufacturing industry



On Dec 12th 2020, Zhejiang Laifual Drive CO.,LTD signed an agreement with Guangzhou Never robot CO.,LTD. Never Robot agree to purchase 30000 pcs harmonic gearbox in the year of 2021. Never Robot's general manager Mr. Xia, deputy general manager Mr. Lei, chief engineer Mr. Chen, and Laifual CEO Mr.Zhang, Laifual sales manger Mr. Ye attend this meeting.


Before the signing ceremony, they have a very sincere and friendly meeting about the coperation on harmonic gearbox. We have very deeply discussion about the harmonic gearbox's design, perameters on collaborative robots.

Finally, our two companies signed this significant agreement for the long-term sustainable cooperation.



In this meeting, Never Robot's general manager Mr. Xia promised that Never Robot will purchase a variety of harmonic reducers from Laifual in the year of 2021, the total quantity not less than 30000 pcs. Laifual CEO president Mr.Zhang promised to offer the best quality products that with the most favorable price.



Laifual CEO Mr. Zhang said that Laifual has been committed to providing the most cost-effective products to robotic industry since the year of 2013. In recent years, Laifual have luanched many new products which improved the performance of robots effectively, and reduced the production cost for customers as well. Improved the international competitivenesss of the domestic robots brand.

The both companines will share technology and innovation achievements more deeply through this strategic cooperation. It is of great strategic significance for Laifual, which can greatly improve the product's development speed, reducing the production costs and enlarge the company's production capacity.

Thanks to Never Robot's trust and support to Laifual, Laifual will continue to work hard, to offer more and more high cost-effective products to all valued customers.




About NEVER  



Guangzhou Never Robot CO.,LTD. is mainly doing industrial robots, mask machines sales and manufacturing. The products include, integrated joints, ultrasonic equipment, mask machines, horizontal multi-joint robots, three-dimensional laser cutting machines, intelligent code breaking stacking system. It is an important strategic partner of our company.



About Laifual Drive  



Zhejiang Laifual Drive Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise founded in 2013, mainly engaged in research and manufacture of high precision harmonic reducers and planetary gear reducers. The total factory is 30,000 square meters.


Laifual uses the world's first-class production and inspection equipment. Pay attention to every production detail to make sure the excellent quality of all products. All products are completely developed by ourselves, Laifual's R&D center is recognized as a "High-tech enterprise R&D center in Zhejiang province".


After years of hard work, Laifual has obtained 30 patents in the drive area. Including 1 major scientific and technological patent and 29 independent intellectual property rights patents. Laifual had successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.


Thanks to years of research and development experience, Laifual has made breakthroughs in much special performance. Our high precision harmonic reducer has the characteristics of low-temperature rise, low starting torque, high reliability, big torque, long lifetime, big speed ratio, small size, etc. Which can be widely used in industrial robots, service robots, medical equipment, high precision automation equipment, etc. And we sincerely provide satisfactory and diversified custom design services for all our valued customers.


Taking professionalization, internationalization as standard, to build Laifual into the most respectable harmonic reducer brand.