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How does the harmonic reducer improve the life?

21st Oct ,2019

The global robotic harmonic reducer market is completely monopolized by foreign companies, with market pricing power, and high-end products restrict exports to China. It makes domestic robot manufacturers unable to compete with international competitors. Whether it can realize the technological breakthrough and industrialized production of domestic precision harmonic reducer has become the key to whether the domestic robot industry can survive and develop healthily.

The high-precision harmonic reducer wave generator is a key component. In the continuous experiment, our company replaced the original steel material with an alloy material, which greatly improved the expansion coefficient and increased the life expectancy by several tens of times. Robot joint reducer China's research on robot joint reducer is relatively late compared to foreign countries, the technology is not mature, and there is a big gap with foreign advanced technology, forming a situation that precision reducer can not be self-sufficient, relying heavily on imports.

This seriously restricts the development of industrial robots in China. Especially in the period of industrialization of industrial robots in China, the key technological breakthroughs of precision reducers for industrial robots are more urgent.

Harmonic transmission reducer bearing capacity In the high harmonic transmission, the tooth and tooth meshing is surface contact, and the number of meshing teeth is relatively large at the same time, so the load per unit area is small, and the bearing capacity is higher than other transmission forms. Widely used in electronics, aerospace, robotics and other industries, due to its unique advantages, the application in the chemical industry is gradually increasing. The life of the traditional reducer is only one week. The precision life of the harmonic reducer developed by our company exceeds 10,000 hours. Cross-roller bearings are heat treated and carbonitrided by heat treatment to increase the wear resistance of the bearings.By improving the bearing raceway process, the maximum load capacity and instantaneous overload force of the product are increased by 40% compared to conventional products. By using a new type of grease to improve the heat dissipation of the harmonic reducer for robots, the accuracy life of the harmonic reducer in robot applications is improved.